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Acute Care Ophthalmic Services

Over the years, eye care has come to become more and more out-patient based. Providing glasses and contact lenses have always occurred in the office setting, and more recently other outpatient services like LASIK have become common. Cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, retinal surgery and other things are now done as an outpatient either at ambulatory centers or at the hospital. Alliance Retina and our care partners are working closely with St. Lukes to optimize ophthalmic surgical care on an outpatient basis.

Some problems remain hospital based. Problems such as eye trauma, infections, neurologic and vascular issues, and congenital disease management are often initially addressed in an in-patient setting. This is where very specialized ophthalmic consultation is required. Dr. Rosenthal works with a specially committed group of ophthalmologists who are committed to providing excellent care for patients with these acute and often severe problems. With particular attention to providing just the right specialist for just the right patient, we cover these needs to The University of Toledo Medical Center, St. Luke's, and other facilities.

Academic Acute Care and Teaching

As the Head of the Division of Ophthalmology for the University of Toledo Medical Center, Dr. Rosenthal works with several other doctors to provide consultation and teaching for students and residents. We provide acute trauma care at the UTMC emergency department, consultative care in the ICU’s and on the hospital wards, and we also train students and residents in various fields of medicine. Please look at the Academics section for more information.
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