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The Diabetes Alliance

The Diabetes Care Alliance is an effort to coordinate diabetic care using modern communications technologies to bring together many points of care. The Alliance seeks to assist multiple specialists including endocrinologists, primary care doctors, various sub specialists, and educators into a single integrated care and education effort. For over 25 years, Dr. Rosenthal has offered a unique commitment to diabetic eye care and we work very closely with the Endocrine and Diabetes Care Center, The Toledo Clinic, Diabetes Care Center at St. Luke's, and others taking care of every aspect of diabetic eye care.

Diabetic Eye Surgery

Dr. Rosenthal and the Alliance Retina staff have been dedicated to diabetic eye care and the support of diabetic patients for over 30 years. We perform hundreds of complex diabetic procedures each year, both here and internationally. While providing care to the most severe cases, we have developed advanced techniques that allow us to achieve excellent outcomes with shorter procedures and faster recovery times.
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Dr. Rosenthal has been involved in system design in telemedicine for many years. Recently, along with St. Luke's Hospital, Toledo Clinic, and Welch Allyn Corporation, we have developed a new telemedicine screening program in Ohio and Michigan. This not only increases our ability to find and treat problems, it is also a great opportunity to teach diabetic patients the importance of complete eye care.


Education is vital in a disease as complex as diabetes. Education of patients, students, nurses, and doctors who care for diabetic patients is the foundation for successful integrated care. We have developed an extensive education series for other physicians and students, and also maintain multimedia educational materials for patients.